Great Javascript Course

I've spent the last couple of weeks in Madrid attending Redradix's Javascript para profesionales course (in spanish). This was easily the best Javascript course I've seen.

We have learned how JS actually works inside, objects and clausures, inheritance techniques, functional programming, promises, design principles and patterns, testing, and even some Backbone.

Of course, many of us have used in the past some of the things we have seen in the course. But now I can understand them a lot better, avoid silly mistakes, and code with confidence. Now I know how - and why - it works.

By the way, you can get the material in github.

Our teacher Elías really knows his craft, and does an amazing job communicating concepts. He managed to explain complex notions in a way that seemed quite easy and even obvious. He is the CTO of Redradix, a really interesting development company with highly skilled professionals, vision and values. Nice guys doing great stuff, the right way.

Highly recommended :)